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sometimes I feel it's a bit funky, like at the first bossfight the boss and I could get damaged at the same time sometimes. First time I defeated it, I would die too :D
Bullet shooters should have an indication when they are about to shoot as they are very hard to dodge with such speed.

I don't know who told you to make the movement work such stupid way, but this is not how it is supposed to work. When creating such 2d game you either make the middle of my character the bottom of it's leg or you only let them move in tiles. There is absolutely NO reason for this to let me move in such stupid ways. I suicided so many times cause I pushed 1 pixel longer that makes me furious! AT least pls change it so every time I touch a moveable object it pushes it one whole tile. There is absolutely no scenario where my character or object needs to be between tiles.

josephbourgeois responds:

yeah this is something we discussed, but we left it like this so that the player could react more quickly during the fighting and certain areas where u have to avoid enemies. I know it can be annoying. happy pixel day!

That's not what 'Author Comments' is for... at least not this much. I came to play not to read that. This is a game that could easily get published to mobile, how would you explain it to the users?
When creating such games without any text or symbols (which could be an awesome experience) you need to use special tools to see if the player can_proceed/understand everything.
...Or just ask someone to playtest, that's cool too.

Tutorials That Don't Talk Down To You - Extra Credits: https://youtu.be/hFdEEzgc7pg

there are some optimalizing issues which decreased the likeability for me a little, but that's partly my fault, nevertheless, I would check if the frame has actually been loaded before the time starts ticking at least.

next time you make a space force game use the schmoyoho space force theme ;)
Until than 4.5*
Edit: I feel amazed *w*

khali080 responds:

Thanks for the feedback, i have updated the music in this game

This game seems very dystopian it makes me laugh xD
5* but still veeery stupid.

If I could, I would change it to 5-6 lanes, because is is really easy to stay in between lanes (a bus only occasionally wide enough to make me move).
Edit: Actually, I can stay in the left lane's left side forever like this. I suggest you to just check if my cars side touches the outsides of the game.

PartyManBoyWomanGirl responds:

Thanks for your comment. Yeah, I thought I fixed that with cars not comming in center of lanes, but apparently it's still way too easy to "cheat" the game.

Why do I have to move my mouse back to the screen to click on restart? Please choose a key for such basic things. Unnecessary physics take a lot away from performance. I can see that you decided to constantly account for every possible collision (rod on pillars).
The slow transition between lines and jumping makes the game unnecessarily hard.
Next time dive into programming a little and don't just pop stuff together in a random game creator.

stuthemoo responds:

The game has hundreds of lines of custom code. Thanks for your feedback!

Lovely characters, sadly my relatively bad pc can't handle it well, and so I didn't get past far after fulfilling Augusts (but I must say it surprised me, because there isn't much physics happening, so sliding pictures shouldn't cause me problems). I would guess my choices doesn't count, so that's the main reason for rating this "game" a bit low.

Checkpoints/codes, and a level selector would be great, but pretty great!



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