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Brilliant, I escaped!... now what?
Credits? 'to be continued'? Humanity saved? Give me something!!

I'm pretty sure It should let me jump if I bump into the platform from the top and holding down jump makes me do so. Pls fix.

You need to trash the current reload mechanic or add reload. Why can't I just reload instead of wasting my bullet?
You know what, I'm going to waste it and reloa- OH SHIT THE RAPING MONSTER, WHY DID I WANT TO RELOAD!

StuffedWombat responds:

its not rapin you!
its eating you!

i will change this asap!

also, the scenario you describe is the sole reason for the existance of the reload mechanic ;)

Steaper difficulty curve would be great. Also option for languages.

Felinumhero responds:

thanks for the feedback.
I'll add English translation and fix bugs as soon as possible

I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be E rated.

Happy to see a few bux fixed.
here is a new one I found: when pressing 'x' right at the finishline (skipping it) will make the ship loose all it's health.

DaxtyMusic responds:

that is not an error, it is done to punish those who try to skip the finish line. Thanks for comment! (sorry if my english is bad)

It is full of bugs. I don't know how all of that get trough. Pls playtest before publishing.

ROCoGames responds:

Sorry you ran into a few issues i will be hopefully making a new patch soon. :)

So the palce only generates cash when I'm there... great... pls fix

I don't know what to say, it performed terribly on my pc. Maybe try to optimize it for devices that have a bit less juice. I'd have played it, but I was unable to.

kypello responds:

Ironically I made it entirely using a MacBook Air, which isn’t very powerful, and never had any trouble. The only thing I can think of is, play it in small mode, if you were playing it in fullscreen.

Man, we told you before to fix the issue with the scrolling.



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