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I like how naughty it is without necessary sex and whatnot. Lovely story and I feel like everyone is a person, not a caricature.

servers are down, cant try

robscherer123 responds:

What is the error message you are receiving? Is the total online players in the bottom left loading for you?

When they say "im free" they shouldnt be golden colored as i learned everything gold-ish was evil before.

kidmarscat responds:


I lost :<

Successful adventure! 61 point!
Awesome game.

The game looks very nice! Lovely. I'll probably come back to it on the next release, but I hope it will be a full one as I wouldn't want to repeat the day once again if there is no ending. And not necessarily some more "good ending" just something that makes the story interesting ^-^

KingLesbianGames responds:

If your looking for some spicy evil routes, we have a couple on Patreon rn ^.^
If you don't have the patience to wait for the next update to see them, you know what to do haha

Heyhey! awsum stuff, Ninjamuffin99 very good with the music as it seems but could I get a list of musics used?! Did they made all of the songs(?), there are some I'd really like to jam on if you could show me the way. Anyway, this is very nice.

Awesome progress! Input change is funky, can not be changed the ways I want, but eventually learned the original one. But I had to check the controls too. Put a computer right around the start telling about attack and roll buttons. Also if jump is a very different button then of course make sure I can access that information before falling into any slightly lower position where I have to jump out from.

Many soft-locks for weird reasons. There is a box where you can't come out of. I'd guess as you wrote you'll fix these, I'd guess in semi-solids while crouching you could fall trough in the final versions, I'm not sure.

I think I couldn't get trough a door/wall at an open field (where there are 3 lizards and 2-3 flying pinks). I'd guess there would be a button somewhere but because my character can't fall trough these semi-solids or jump far enough I couldn't find it.

Currently, the game feels a little bit like a labyrinth, for example I can access the sliding tutorial from the right, or completely miss it. The concept is awesome, the game feels a lot more open.

Sexual scenes and events are pretty cool. But when I was testing for 3 lizards at once, a pink flyer managed to fly just over and covered the main character and the lizard while they were having their session. I'd suggest making pink flyers fly back to their original position as it might be very off-putting for players who are lucky enough to fall at the first time while these creatures are around.

very good mechanic. It should have been made clearer that the wormie is eaten. It took some time to realize it was a beak and feet. maybe add a large circle for a head and a smaller circle for the eye.

does what it supposed to do

VenixSK responds:

Indeed it does



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