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It is... very stupid. I can see it being a test, but I can only hope you'll put more thought into it.

Pls fix triangle, it works weirdly.

Arrows make my slider scroll :< please fix or add 'wasd'
Also change shooting to hold instead of constant tapping or just auto shoot (there is no reason to not to fire (maybe make a magazine system)).

Bad difficulty curve and bad logic. Once you get below the line of platforms you'll die anyways, so why wait to fall down? Make it so that the game is played closer to the bottom.

itsallgoodgames responds:


Now closer to the bottom.

thanks for feedback.

This game made my hand hurt :<
Oh and you should use a pic from the game for the thumbnail, the current one is not that nice.

GeoKureli responds:

The pic stays!
Glad you enjoyed the game

This is a tragic story about a kid, who was raised by a maffia leader. I hope this makes everything clear.

ToadieTechnika responds:

You got some good assumptions there, the kid doesn't have a specific role though (when I am making this game) :D

I remember doing random star patterns in a similar way :D
If I were you I would instead of creating this thin line of place where I get points, I would only place a line where it is counted from, and your point for killing an enemy depends on the distance from the said line. That would increase the likelyhood of the player actually using their turrets.
I get 100*X points for killing an enemy for no reason, I don't really like when there are extra zeros for decoration.

hotfooted responds:

that is exactly how it works. the goal is to destroy all the enemies explosives at the optimum range from your vessel (shown by the horizontal line). each enemy destroyed is worth 100 points multiplied by the combos you have got so if you hit 10 in a row you will get 1000 points for the last enemy in that combo. sure you can dodge the enemies but really it's a high-score maximum accuracy game so you achieve nothing by doing so. thanks for checking it out and for the feedback.

EDIT: I reread your comment and what i'm taking away is you think there should be an extended hit area so from the top of the hit area as it is at the moment but to the bottom of the screen with points calculated from how close they are to the vessel. i don't mind that idea but i really wanted it to be a timing/accuracy game and this would remove that i think. again thanks for the feedback

Amazing game! Well I'll report back when I finally got to level -2 :,D killme

Oh no, I just made imbalance and thus made green suffer and perish. Who am I to decide over the lifes of these creatures?
Anyway, good game of course :D

joqlepecheur responds:

that's actually a cool idea :) coming soon...

Characters and story seems great ^.^
One thing that might only bug me, is that that "Narrator" being a thing. That feels like a fourth wall breaking thing for me. I would like it more if we only could just read the characters inner monolog and thoughts when something needs to be told like a story, instead of this "Narrator" being the solution.

hentaiwriter responds:

All I can say without spoiling things is that having the character's inner monologue, besides Melinda's, would be a massive storyline problem :P There's a reason you don't hear anyone else's thoughts besides hers, basically.

The other reason is because sometimes things are a lot more succinct when expressed by a neutral third party (the narrator) than by characters trying to explain it themselves, as well as removing "bias" from the events being told.

What I mean by that last statement is that all the characters, when they say and do things, are doing them with their own personalities muddying up their statements and perceptions; for example, during Sylvie's sex scene, there's no way possible you'd ever hear Sylvie admit that she's got issues with being wrong, nor would you hear Melinda admit she's got control issues in bed.

To Sylvie even, she doesn't feel she has these problems outright, so if that scene were described using only her words, it would come off as a semi-unreliable narrator due to how hard she'd skew what was going on.

That's when I use the narrator, to give an unbiased, clear look of what's going on; for the times I don't use them and bias comes through, there's a reason for that too. :P

Glad you really liked the game and story though, thanks for the rating, critique and review! :D



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