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cant get through the bushes in the garden

WillsRandomArtwork responds:

It's zig-zags through the bushes to get through them, I had a little trouble at first as well.

I'm gonna be harsh because I see that you guys worked hard on this and you must know about some of the bugs and issues.

You don't clear up after 'Quick Level Reset: Enter'; After a few bunch of resets the game lags like hell, I have to reload the page.

Wall-jumps not always work; At random times the character doesn't stuck up there even if I had a lot of speed.

Quality of Life changes.: Why, oh why do I loose a life even if I haven't had a checkpoint yet? Just reset the map instead.
Don't prioritise death over Anchor stations! I had an unlucky chance to touch an anchor station, quickly die, and I respawn without my bolts saved. I don't like that.

JR01Games responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it!
I'll keep the comment saved for when if I ever revisit this project.

- I haven't had too many reports on the quick restart lag, I'll look more into that.

- The player doesn't stick to walls unless they are above a specific height off the ground.
(As well as other things, wall jump/slide is the first thing I want to redo if I ever remake this)

- I didn't think about the life reset until after the jam is over...
I might add that to this demo later, actually.

Edit: This is now added, sorry for the wait.

- Death after a reset station wasn't intentional at first; but since it takes a moment for the station to activate, so I thought it would help give it more of a challenge.

servers are down, cant try

robscherer123 responds:

What is the error message you are receiving? Is the total online players in the bottom left loading for you?

When they say "im free" they shouldnt be golden colored as i learned everything gold-ish was evil before.

kidmarscat responds:


The game looks very nice! Lovely. I'll probably come back to it on the next release, but I hope it will be a full one as I wouldn't want to repeat the day once again if there is no ending. And not necessarily some more "good ending" just something that makes the story interesting ^-^

KingLesbianGames responds:

If your looking for some spicy evil routes, we have a couple on Patreon rn ^.^
If you don't have the patience to wait for the next update to see them, you know what to do haha

does what it supposed to do

VenixSK responds:

Indeed it does

There is such latency and penalty physics on the ball it's awful. At least I could get going with and enjoy the story. Oh wait I can't get further because of the things I just said.

CubeBleu responds:

The game can be really difficult on keyboard, did you try with a controller by any chance?

Why the player's center has to be over the platform to jump. Who told you to do it like that? Leaning on the edge sucks for some reason.

NK-NicKy-01 responds:

I watched Blackthornprod's platformer tutorial, that's why it does that, and I have to fix that...

cool idea. enjoyed it.

JorisRollfox responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it :)

Will you share audio please? I'd like to listen to the main theme some instead of leaving the game open like this :|



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