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here, have 4 stars

BA16 responds:

lmao thanks

hmm, ice cream!
*Brainfreeze Ending.*

SteveAdmin responds:

Never had brainfreeze in my entire life and this was made as a gift for DragonSnow.


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cant get through the bushes in the garden

WillsRandomArtwork responds:

It's zig-zags through the bushes to get through them, I had a little trouble at first as well.

I'm gonna be harsh because I see that you guys worked hard on this and you must know about some of the bugs and issues.

You don't clear up after 'Quick Level Reset: Enter'; After a few bunch of resets the game lags like hell, I have to reload the page.

Wall-jumps not always work; At random times the character doesn't stuck up there even if I had a lot of speed.

Quality of Life changes.: Why, oh why do I loose a life even if I haven't had a checkpoint yet? Just reset the map instead.
Don't prioritise death over Anchor stations! I had an unlucky chance to touch an anchor station, quickly die, and I respawn without my bolts saved. I don't like that.

JR01Games responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it!
I'll keep the comment saved for when if I ever revisit this project.

- I haven't had too many reports on the quick restart lag, I'll look more into that.

- The player doesn't stick to walls unless they are above a specific height off the ground.
(As well as other things, wall jump/slide is the first thing I want to redo if I ever remake this)

- I didn't think about the life reset until after the jam is over...
I might add that to this demo later, actually.

- Death after a reset station wasn't intentional at first; but since it takes a moment for the station to activate, so I thought it would help give it more of a challenge.

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when u get flower danced u_u

-the whole file is janked up. fix and reupload.-

Barzoom responds:

thanks for the heads up!! i just updated it with some other fixes as well. please give it another try :).

Is it me being slooooowwhhh today or is this feel like it's in 1.25x speed :D
very uwu music btw

DerpcatOfficial responds:

it is, faster than ligjt XD

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Ah! She is so ugly! You made her the joker or something. I hove how it disturbs me.

David is such a beta, and I don't even believe in this alfa-beta bs.

l e g s



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